Amami Haruka
Amami Haruka profile
Age 17
Birthday April 3rd
Gender Female
Height 158cm
Weight 46kg
Three Sizes 83-56-82
Blood Type O type
Handedness Right handed
Hometown Kanagawa
Hobbies Karaoke
Phone calls
Skills Making sweets
Likes Singing




Character Voice(s)
Nakamura Eriko (中村繪里子)
Image Color
Haruka Autograph

I'm aiming for top idol, so I'll do my best with singing and dancing! Please treat me well♪

—Amami Haruka, Online Profile

Amami Haruka (天海春香) is an idol from 765 Production. She is voiced by Nakamura Eriko (中村繪里子).


Haruka Amami, at the age of 17, is a very cheerful and hard-working girl who loves to sing. She's also known to be the main heroine of the iDOLM@STER games.

Due to her nature, she can quite easily get along with almost anybody, hence the reason why Takagi calls her "a normal girl". She is also a very clumsy girl who frequently trips and falls, but despite her clumsiness she loves to dance and participate in sports events.

Haruka also loves making sweets, which is one of her main hobbies. She especially loves to make cakes and cookies and bring them to the office with her and share them with the staff. On her days off Haruka loves to research new recipes or go to the local bakery to buy cakes and then try to make the same kind herself.

Her family consists of herself, her father, and her mother. The Amamis are a very cheerful family, and value the importance of spending time together. Because her house is in a provincial city far away from downtown, Haruka has to take the morning's first train whenever she goes to work in Tokyo.



  • Haruka's trademark accessories are her twin ribbons. In certain outfits they are replaced with barrettes, but she always has a hair decoration of some kind. The exception to this is the Vivid Bikini DLC outfit in THE iDOLM@STER 2, where she wears a single flower in her hair. She aslo has a single hair decoration with the Bikini of Siren costume.
  • Haruka prefers to practice her singing in the park due to a childhood memory.


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