Mufufu~ I love idols, so I can study them perfectly!
— Matsuda Arisa, Online Profile

Matsuda Arisa (松田亜利沙?) is a new idol introduced in THE iDOLM@STER: Million Live!. She is voiced by Murakawa Rie (村川梨衣).


The enthusiast idol, Arisa is an energetic girl who is obsessed with idols. She owns an idol database where she collects information on all kinds of idols, she loves idols very much, maybe too much. She often takes paparazzi photos of them. Her computer is filled with data about idols, and one of the reasons she wants to become an idol is to be able to meet a lot of other idols. But she's also really serious about becoming as close as possible to the idols she admires so much; all of the data she gathers is used for that purpose (and her own enjoyment) and she always puts her best effort into all the work she does. Arisa lacks self confidence, often thinking that she's nothing when compared to other idols, but since she loves idols and really enjoys her work, Arisa continues to work as hard as she can at being an idol.



  • In the recent event (game festival), it’s revealed that her mother can program a simple game.
  • She also seems quite close to Ritsuko, most likely because they like to plan their actions by the data they have at hand and if the Producer becomes close to her, Arisa will also start to "observe" him too.
  • Arisa's signature laugh is "Mufufu".