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— Nikaido Chizuru, Online Profile

Nikaido Chizuru (二階堂千鶴?) is a new idol introduced in THE iDOLM@STER: Million Live!. She is voiced by Nomura Kanako (野村香菜子).


Chizuru is a 21-year old woman who likes to act like a celebrity, although she's not doing a good job at it. While Chizuru tries her best, she often slips and fails figuratively such as every time she tries laughing in a high pitch voice she ends up coughing, or when she speaks/acts in a non-celebrity-like manner, she then panics and makes bad excuses ("A crowded train is sure a pain… t…thats what I heard!"). Her goal as an idol is to become a top idol and then hold a lavish party at a karaoke bar in front of the train station. Needless to say, only the more innocent idols like Yayoi and Hinata actually believe that she is a celebrity.

Even though Chizuru likes to act like a celebrity, she's doesn't act haughty or act in a “holier than thou“ way. She's actually a generous person who's always kind to everyone and often looks after her fellow idols especially the younger ones. She often gives out high quality breaded cutlet from a restaurant near her house to the other idols. Chizuru is also very diligent, never missing out on a lesson and giving her best effort at work; even if it's only back-dancer work. She also always shows gratitude to everyone who helps her.



  • Chizuru's signature laugh is "Ohohoho", which is a laugh tied to noblewomen characters in anime and video games. However, Chizuru often coughs during her laugh.
  • Chizuru is still studying at a university according to the dialogue of the LIVE THEATER PERFORMANCE 12 card where she tries to gather votes for herself in the miss campus contest.
  • She's nicknamed "Niseleb" by fans. It's a combination of にせ (nise, lit. fake) and celebrity.