Crescendo Blue
Crescendo Blue
Japanese Name レジェンドデイズ
Romaji Kureshendo Buruu
English Name Crescendo Blue
Leader Mogami Shizuka
Genre J-POP
Status Active
Image Song
Shooting Stars
Crescendo Blue is a idol unit that appears in THE iDOLM@STER: Million Live! social mobile game. The unit consist of Mogami Shizuka, Kitakami Reika, Kitazawa Shiho, Nonohara Akane, and Hakozaki Serika. This unit's story is told through skits in the game. Additionally, they also have an unit CD, THE IDOLM@STER LIVE THE@TER HARMONY 03.

History Edit

The story of Crescendo Blue begins with the new unit holding their first meeting. The members, with the exception of Shiho, spend some time chatting before the meeting; this annoys Shiho, who's fed up with the idle talk. The unit begins practicing for the live, but tensions rise when Shiho and Shizuka get in a small fight, despite Serika trying to intervene, over Shizuka ending the lessons earlier than Shiho likes. Additionally, Akane and Reika aren't getting serious enough for the upcoming show; the former wants to make the unit all about her, and the latter often is distracted by Akane's antics or other things. Shizuka asks the Producer to set up a three-person meeting, but he takes the trio to a summer festival at Reika's suggestion. There, Shizuka reveals that she wants the more easygoing duo's help in getting closer to Shiho, and the two put on a comedy act for her. This backfires, however, and Shiho storms out, leaving the unit's situation worse than before. Shiho tells the Producer that she wants to quit Crescendo Blue, but he brings her along to watch how the unit's lessons go without her. Serika reveals how worried she is about Shiho, and Shizuka reveals that she had been ending lessons early to account for Serika's curfew so she could continue being an idol without worrying her parents as much. Shiho begins to realize that being in an idol group is almost like being in a family: everyone cares for each other, it's not all serious all the time, and every second spent together is precious.  Later, Shizuka and Shiho have a meeting in the park, and the former explains Serika's circumstances more. Shiho finally says "we're amigos, aren't we?" and other things, in an attempt to make Shizuka laugh. Shiho promises to show that side of herself in front of Reika, Akane, and Serika, and apologizes for only thinking of herself. With the unit's bonds restored, they come together for the Platinum Star Live.

Trivia Edit

  • Akane wanted to rename the unit "Pretty Nyan Nyans", and often calls it that instead of Crescendo Blue.

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