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Song by Kitazawa Shiho
Kanji 絵本
Romaji Ehon
English Picture Book
Lyricist Sueno Sakai
Composer Ken Masutani
Arranger Ken Masutani

Ehon (絵本 lit. Picture Book) is an original song from THE IDOLM@STER LIVE THE@TER HARMONY 03 performed by Kitazawa Shiho.

Lyrics Edit

Shinjiteita no chiisana koro ni
Ehon no naka ni ita ohimesama wa tsuyoi mono
Mamorareru koto mamoritai koto
Yume nante miru dake ja itsumade tatte mo kanawanai

Mamorubeki mono ga atte watashi wa tsuyoku naritai kara
Warau koto o yameta no subete ga kanau sono hi made

Hitoriyogari to dareka ga warau
Kikoenai furishite gyutto ken o nigiru kedo

Demo hontou wa kizuiteta watashi wa doko de machigaeta no?
Tsuyoku nigirishime sugite daiji na mono o kowashiteta

Nagai tabi no tochuu de kore ijou hitori ja susumenai
Maigo no you ni tachitsukushita watashi ni sotto hohoen da

Mamorubeki mono ni atte hitori ja tsuyoku narenai koto
Warau koto o omoidashita ehon no naka de mita egao

信じていたの 小さな頃に
守られること 守りたいこと

守るべきものがあって 私は強くなりたいから
笑うことをやめたの すべてが叶うその日まで


でも本当は気付いてた 私はどこで間違えたの?
強く握りしめすぎて 大事なものを壊してた


守るべきものに会って 独りじゃ強くなれないこと
笑うことを思い出した 絵本の中で見た笑顔

Since I was young, I had believed that
A princess in picture book is a strong person
Things to be protected, and things I want to protect
Will never be fulfilled, no matter how long, if I kept dreaming

I want to become strong because I have someone I'm supposed to protect
So I stopped smiling until the day that everything is granted

Someone laughs at me when I'm complacent
Feigning not hearing it, yet clenching my fist tightly

But actually I had realized, where did I go wrong?
Too strong of a grip, and precious things were broken

I can't move on by myself anymore on this long journey
Standing still like a stray child, I saw a soft smile

Seeing a person I should protect makes me realize I can't become strong alone
Now I remembered how to smile, like one that I saw in the picture book

Million Live! Song Card Edit

480px-Shiho SR21

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