If I can become an idol in the Japan that I love... it'd make me happier than anything.
— Emily Stewart, Online Profile

Emily Stewart is a new idol introduced in THE iDOLM@STER: Million Live!. She is voiced by Kahara Yuu (郁原ゆう).


Emily is an energetic and cheerful European girl. However, the country that she truly loves is Japan, she has spent her entire life researching about Japan and coming to learn the country. She has a good grasp on the language, but her speech is overly formal and stilted at times, and she prefers to use older, out-of-use Japanese words instead of loanwords from another language.

Emily aims to be a Yamato Nadeshiko. Her standards of what is appropriate for a Yamato Nadeshiko and what is not is somewhat strange, like how she considers all idols to be Yamato Nadeshiko, or how she tries her best to not use any foreign words (except when she's excited or surprised). She speaks in a very peculiar way, using complicated Japanese terms and words rather than ones more normal for her age. She calls the Producer "shikakenin-sama" (仕掛け人様, instigator) and a pom-pom "sukedachi tamafusa" (助太刀玉房/ which means something along the line of “a ball that is used to assist/cheer”). To say that Emily has great love for Japan’s culture might actually be understatement; Emily is really serious about truly becoming a Yamato Nadeshiko and tries her best to act as one, but this might just be because she moved to Japan recently.

Interestingly, although her full name is Emily Stewart, her name is only written on cards with her first name (エミリー); sometimes, her full name is romanized on cards, and other times not.



  • Emily's name varies on her different Million Live cards; some only show her first name, while others also display her surname in Latin letters.
  • According to a tweet from Kahara Yuu, Emily's seiyuu, Emily's image color is deep purple.
  • Emily along with Tanaka Kotoha, Tokugawa Matsuri, and Toyokawa Fuka made a cameo at the end of THE IDOLM@STER MOVIE: Kagayaki no Mukougawa e!.
  • She used to think that she had to take off her shoes and do a seiza at the concert opening.
  • Emily's Japanese was taught to her by her parents and her Japanese dance teacher.