Events in Million Live are limited-time gameplay additions that offer exclusive, event-only cards and business areas. Currently, there are two types of events: stamina-based events and festival-based events, using stamina and BP respectively to gain event points. At the end of the event, event points are added up to place players in a ranking where they can gain exclusive rewards to compensate them for time spent in the event. Regular business areas can still be played during events.

Events are all centered around a theme, with all the cards offered and business areas pertaining to that theme. Events last for an average of 13 days, and new events are (currently) occurring twice a month.

The list of current and past events are as follows:

--------------------------------------------------------------------------- (break in information)

Certain items, such as Bonus Time clocks and Platinum Hearts, are event-only and disappear when the event is over. Additionally, during events, it is possible to Spread the Word every eight hours to obtain items that can be used in regular gameplay. The shop also has item packs which act as an event-only deal.

Events offer increased experience and special endless areas that can be unlocked once the regular event areas are cleared. These endless areas serve to increase the amount of event points that a player can receive and also grant them event-only items or cards.

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