Template:Infobox SingleFIND YOUR WIND! is an original song from THE IDOLM@STER LIVE THE@TER PERFORMANCE 06 sung by Kitakami Reika.

Million Live includes a preview of the song in the music room in the menu of the game. The first one minute and thirty seconds of the song are available to listen to in the menu.


Does not work on iPad, or any medium that does not support the .ogg audio format.
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05 FIND YOUR WIND! 00:00 [[File:]]

Lyrics Edit

GOORU wa mada wakaranai keredo
SUTAATO RAIN koko da yo Let's find your wind!
Tooriame no ato ni kakatta niji no mukou
Kutsu hi mo musun dara kaze o oikosu SUPIIDO de hashiri dasou yo

Ichibyou saki no koto nante shiranai yotte itteta no ni
Doushite kimi no sono hitomi, ashita miteru no?
Tada nantonaku nagasareru nante…Yappa, rashikunai ne
Sonna kao wa niawanai yo, waratte misete!

Kizutsuku koto wa ne, yasashisa no SUTEPPU
Mata hitotsu mirai ryoku tsukamaeta!

Aoi sora ni hikareta shiroi SUTAATO RAIN tobikoete iku yo
Kimi to nara doko e datte ikerutte wakaru…
I feel you near me always!
“Yume katsu” no saisho no ippo fumidashite miyou yo

Sono guuzen ga kiseki datte, ima nara kitto kizukeru ne
Deatta koro no futari ni wa mienakatta yo
Tada junsui na mama de nante irarenaitte iu keredo
Dare mo ga onnaji iro nante tsumaranai dake da yo

Sono mama ga ii ne, kimi rashikute ii yo
Kanjita mama MERODII utatte ne

GOORU wa mada wakaranai keredo
SUTAATO RAIN tobikoete ikou
Kimerareta michi nante ne sora ni wa nai kara…
You're my sunshine always!
Tatta hitotsu dake no mabushii michishirube nan da yo

Tsunaida te ni tsutawaru no wa ano hi to kawaranai FUREEZU
Donna toki mo kimi wa kimi nan da yo ne
Kono shunkan, kono kanjou, jiyuu ni tonde iku

Aoi sora wa dokomade datte hirogatte iku
Dakara ne Find your wind!
Kimi to nara doko e datte ikerutte wakaru…
I feel you near me always!
Hashiri dashita toki ni kanjiru kaze o jiyuu tte iun da yo!

スタートラインここだよ Let's find your wind!



I feel you near me always!



決められた道なんてね 空にはないから…
You're my sunshine always!


だからねFind your wind!
I feel you near me always!

Even if you do not know your goal yet,
the start line is still right here, Let's find your wind!
On the other side of a rainbow followed by rain showers,
Once you have tied your shoelace, let’s start running and exceed the speed of the wind

Even though you said you know nothing like one second ahead
Why are you eyes looking at tomorrow?
To simply let it flow somehow… it’s unlike you
Such a face doesn't suit you at all, so show your smile!

Being hurt as it is, a gentle step
I seized another power of the future!

Now jump across the white start line drawn in the blue sky
If I'm with you, I know I can go to anywhere...
I feel you near me always!
Let’s try to take the first step forward to the “living dream”

I'm sure you realized it now that it was a miraculous chance
It didn't seem like we would be together when we coincidentally met at that time
I say it can't simply stay pure
But it's just so boring if everyone has the same color

It's good at this rate, it's okay to be yourself
Sing the melody that have been felt since

Even if you do not know your goal yet
Let’s jump over the start line
Because there are no such thing like predetermined road at the sky…
You’re my sunshine always!
There's just one and only dazzling guidepost left

What's being transmitted through connected hands is the unchanging phrase from that day
Whenever it is, you are who you are
This moment, this feeling, go fly freely

The blue sky still lies beyond up everywhere
So, Find your wind!
If I am with you, I know I can go to anywhere...
I feel you near me always!
When we start running, we'll feel the freedom of the wind!

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