The Idolm@ster: Million Live! is a cell phone game released on Gree with the cooperation of Bandai Namco Games in March, 2013. The basic gameplay includes obtaining cards via business and gasha tickets, which allow the player to level them up and create a deck to win festivals.

When a player logs on to Million Live for the first time, they will be taken through a tutorial by Otonashi Kotori, the secretary for 765 Productions. This tutorial shows the basic flow of the game, including work, festivals, and lessons. If you do not understand the tutorial, do not worry; the purpose of this Wikia is to make the game easier to play, even if you do not have any Japanese knowledge!


The main gameplay in Million Live takes the form of Business, written in the game as 営業 (eigyo). Progressing through Business is simple, as it involves clicking the screen to advance the game. The idols in your unit, and others that are not, will show with every click with a short sentence about your work currently. Although they offer tidbits about the idols' personality or other information, it is ultimately not necessary to read these to advance through the game.


The green bar at the top of the Business screen, Stamina (元気, energy), determines how long the player can continue working. Each Business area decreases stamina at a different amount; the higher the level of area, the faster the rate of stamina depletion. When stamina reaches zero, the player must rest and come back later to continue working in the business area. Stamina recovers over real time, but using a My Spark Drink or My Spark Drink (Mini) will offer instant stamina recovery.


Working through Business areas offers Experience (経験値). The amount of experience gain is usually double the amount of stamina consumption for the area. Filling this bar completely increases the player's level, which not only refills the Stamina bar and BP completely, but also increases the total cost points for a deck.

Experience can only be earned through work. There are no items to increase experience gain.


As you continue through work, there are some opportunities for chances (チャンス, chance) to occur. These include, but are not limited to, obtaining a heart, which increases the chance of rarer events occurring; BP recovery, from 1 BP to 3 BP; a festival challenge; or a rare festival challenge. During events, there are additional chance events limited to the event areas.

When an idol appears on screen with a splash of stars, the cameraman (カメラマン) will appear to take a picture of the idol. You will obtain the Normal card displayed from this event.

Step Up and Completion

Upon filling the top, orange progress bar (達成度, achievement progress) in an area completely, another screen will appear, called a Step Up (ステップアップ!, Step Up!). This allows the player to advance to the next level of the current business area. When the final level is completed, the player will face off against an opponent in a Business Battle.

Business Battles involve fighting a single opponent with only the current leader card of your deck. These battles are usually fought against a level 1 opponent, and if the player has a strong leader card, he or she will win easily.

Winning a Business Battle allows the player to access a new area. Greater rewards, greater experience, and harder battles follow the player through higher levels of Business areas.

Festivals and Battles


Creating a deck to be used in festivals and audition battles uses the best cards from your inventory. Million Live will automatically put the best card combination together in a deck called オススメ (recommended), but it is possible to create your own and use a personalized deck instead. Using Lessons, players can level up their cards to win in festivals and audition battles.


Festivals, obtained through random chances while progressing through Business, are signaled by the arrival of Kotori on the Business page. She will then take the player to the festival area to see the opponent and their level. The maximum level an opponent can be, for now, is level 30.

Festivals are fought with the player's currently equipped deck. Both the player and the rival take turns attacking, with the player's damage output based on the attack power of the individual cards in his or her deck. When the opponent attacks, each card's defense power diminishes, until it reaches zero. When a card's defense power reaches zero, it is out of the festival for that round and cannot attack again. (When that round is completed, the card will refill its defense power completely.)

Festival attack power is also based on the amount of BP, or Battle Points, that the player uses in each battle. The minimum amount of BP that a player can use for each battle is 1, and the most that can be used in one round is 3. Using 1 BP outputs the player's damage at 1x the deck's damage; using 2 BP creates a 2x multiplier; and using 3 BP multiplies the player's damage by 4.5x. The expected damage is displayed before the player advances.

When the rival's HP reaches zero, the player has won that festival. Completing a festival grants the player items, including energy drinks, gasha tickets, money, BP recovery candy, or other miscellaneous items. Being an MVP of a festival--attacking the most among all players who entered the festival--also grants additional items.

Audition Battles

The other type of festival is Audition Battles (オーディシュンバトル). Instead of being obtained via Business, they are initiated by a player and are against another player of Million Live. These battles also consume BP, but they are not based on BP; instead, attacking only requires one BP to begin, and the total amount of damage is based on the combined score of a deck's attack and defense power. The winner of an Audition Battle is the player that has the higher combined score.

Any player can initiate an Audition Battle against other players, but generally the search is limited to players who are a similar level as the attacking player. Players who are offline may also be defending from attacks from other players. Winning Audition Battles grants money and, if the player initiated the attack and won for the first time that day, a stamp on an Audition Battle Card, which grants a certain item when the scorecard is completely filled out after nine days of winning Audition Battles.


The cell phone in the upper right hand corner of the idol area on My Page is where notifications are stored. There are many notifications, however the most common are translated here to help:

  • 劇場の売上が回収できます - Recover theater sales (gives money; can change the cards that give money via this link, higher leveled cards give more money)
  • 合同フェスへの参加要請が届いています - Request for participation in a group festival (takes player to the festival page; from there, you can attack for a friend's festival)
  • 同僚を増やせます - Add business partners/friends
  • アイドル報酬が受け取れます - Recieve a reward from an idol
  • 達成済みの社長クエストがあります - You can obtain a gift for completing a President's Quest
  • プレゼントが(x)件届いています - Your present box is holding (x) items
  • BP消費ナシでバトルに参加できます - Fight the first audition battle today without consuming BP
  • 無料ガシャが回せます - Free gasha spin available
  • 運営からの贈り物があります - You have a gift from management

Log-in Bonus

After logging in for the first time, each producer will obtain a log in bonus, for each day that he or she logs on. These bonuses reset at midnight, JST, and the items change day by day. After 30 days, the player will obtain Early Morning - Amami Haruka, which can be used to awaken a higher form of the card when several are obtained.