Ganaha Hibiki
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Ganaha Hibiki profile |center|200px]]

Age 16
Birthday October 10
Height 152cm
Weight 14kg
Three Sizes 83-56-80
Blood Type A
Hobbies Knitting
Table tennis
Likes Taking walks
Character Voice(s)
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Template:Q Ganaha Hibiki is an idol from 765 Production. She is voiced by Manami Numakura (沼倉愛美).


Hibiki Ganaha, an energetic idol that comes from Okinawa (which explains her tan skin). Because she is from Okinawa, she sometimes can't control her dialect, and often uses words that confuse people, for example "Nankurunaisa" (we can work it all out) and "Haisai" (hi there). She takes rivalry seriously, but she has a very friendly nature, and sometimes she unconsciously tries to make friends with others. Hibiki is also known to be extremely talented in dancing. She is revealed to have come alone from Okinawa to become an idol. She feels lonely and sees in the Producer her absent older brother, so she does the "we are siblings that argue a lot but deep inside we love each other" routine with him. Her family near the 765 Pro office is made up of her many pets, including her dog Inumi and hamster Hamuzo.

Voice ClipsEdit

"Ah, that's right! I have to do my stretches now! Oookay, now I can dance energetically!"

"Uuugh, not much to do... Give me something to work on, Producer!"

"Ahhh! Hamuzo! That lunch is mine!"

"Yep, I'm ready! I've never been more ready in my life!"

"I made some sata andagi. Producer, let's eat it together!"

"Producer! What are we doing next? Ehehe, my heart won't stop beating with excitement!"

"Producer, why don't you take a walk with me and Inumi later?"

"Producer, you're a pretty amazing person, you know? I've changed my opinion on you!"

"Producer, let's hurry and go to work! I have to do a lot of work to get on the fast track to be top idol!"

—Greetings Voice Clips

Recorded SongsEdit

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