The gasha is the form that obtaining higher level cards takes in Million Live. By rolling the gasha with real money, tickets, or points obtained in game, players can obtain HN, R, HR, or SR cards. Cards obtained from the gasha are completely random.

In addition to the normal group of cards in every gasha type, there are also special gasha campaigns, which add new cards to the Platinum Gasha, and event gashas, only available during events, where rarer forms of cards can be obtained. A player can see what cards are available in the gasha by clicking on the List of Obtainable Cards button (出現カード一覧).

Platinum GashaEdit

This is the default page that players will see when they click on the gasha button. The platinum Gasha costs GREE Coins, which can only be obtained by purchasing them with real money. Around every two weeks, there are new cards added to the Gasha in different types of gasha campaigns. These cards are only obtainable from the Platinum Gasha. Cards that are in gasha campaigns usually stay in the Platinum Gasha, with the exception of limited time SR cards.

In addition, most higher-level cards can only be obtained from the Platinum Cards. A select number of SR cards can also be obtained from other gashas, however the player has a higher chance of obtaining higher level cards from the Platinum Gasha.

Point GashaEdit

The Point Gasha is the second tab on the top of the Gasha page. Gasha points can be obtained via winning festivals, log-in bonuses, and completing certain tasks in events. One spin is 200 gasha points. The maximum amount of cards that can be rolled at once is 10, totaling 2000 gasha points.

A player can only hold 50000 gasha points at one time; if they obtain more from business or festivals, they must use the points they have before additional points can be obtained from the present box.

11 HR cards can be obtained from the point gasha; they are An Idol Challenge - Julia, Gorgeous Invective - Tenkubashi Tomoka, Expressionless MC - Makabe Mizuki, Sexy Gravure - Momose Rio, Active Girl - Kousaka Umi, Innocence - Futami Ami, Flawlessness - Futami Mami, Quiet Fighting Spirit - Kitazawa Shiho, Little Big Star - Suou Momoko, Ignorant Stage - Toyokawa Fuka, and To The Shining Stage - Nanao Yuriko. No SR cards can be obtained from this gasha. HN and N cards are also obtainable from this gasha.

Ticket GashaEdit

Tickets, obtainable via defeating rivals in festivals and log-in bonuses, are another form of currency to use the Gasha. Gasha tickets come in three types: Rank 1, Rank 2, and Rare tickets.

The type of ticket used determines the cards that are obtainable via this gasha. For Rank 1 tickets, cards up to R can be obtained. For Rank 2, the same cards obtainable via the Point Gasha can be obtained; and from Rare tickets, SR, HR, and R cards only can be obtained.

Event Ticket GashaEdit

During events, a separate ticket gasha is available, for tickets obtainable via the event only. These gashas and tickets disappear soon after the event is over.

The event gasha tickets can be used to obtain exclusive . Depending on the event, Rank 1, Rank 2, and even Rank 3 tickets may be obtainable. This gasha follows the same rule as the normal ticket gasha, with the exception of adding event-only cards.

Idol Name GashaEdit

As prizes for obtaining a specific number of fans, idols may gift producers with tickets for the Idol Name Gasha. By using tickets at the Idol Name Gasha, producers can be certain that they will obtain that specific idol's cards. Rank 1, Rank 2, and Rare tickets exist; they can give out N, HN, or R cards.

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