Handa Roco
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Handa Roco profile |center|200px]]

Age 15
Birthday March 1
Height 154cm
Weight 42kg
Three Sizes 78-57-77
Blood Type AB
Hobbies Making crafts
Likes Pigeons
Character Voice(s)
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Template:Q Handa Roco is new idol introduced in THE iDOLM@STER: Million Live!. She is voiced by Atsuki Nakamura (中村温姫).


Roco is a positive girl who believes that she was born to be an idol, and she dreams of becoming a great artist using her own art style. Like many artists, Roco has weird habits that are hard for others to understand. The most apparent one would be her way of speaking--Roco likes to fill her sentences with English words, sometimes to the point of being almost impossible to understand. She prefers to use them even if they're not that common in usual speech. She will quickly correct herself if she accidentally catches herself not using a loanword, even though her English skills are not that good and she still occasionally requires a dictionary. When she's really concentrated or surprised, she’ll speak in a normal way, suggesting that she's doing this on purpose.

Roco’s artist skill covers a really wide range; she can draw, sculpt, design, create her own clothes, and even build a stage set by herself. Although, like many artists, her creative sense is hard to understand for normal people. In fact, most of the time they don’t even have any idea what she has created. She also likes to act as soon as she has inspiration, regardless of place and time. She'll also redesign objects on the spur of the moment (or in her own words "roconize"), whether it’s a borrowed costume, a Drama’s set, or the office itself. Roco also likes to keep up with popular fashion, often changing her accessories from card to card. However, she always keeps her yellow headphones with her all the time and when she has to take them off, she gives them to the Producer while telling him not to lose them since they're important to her.

Although Roco always acts confident, deep down, she actually feels lonely, since her weird quirks and her hard-to-understand artistic sense often alienates her from the other idols. Roco is very happy when someone praises her art and she also shows her weak side to the Producer from time to time.

Voice Clips

"Mm... this tea...Roco adores— It's Roco's fa-favorite! Who brewed it?"
"Let Roco be part of that project, too!"
"Roco is aiming for a niche, but still many, fans!"
"Roco is going to concentrate really hard from now on, so remind me of the time now and then."
"Stop! Don't move, please! The cloth that's spread out on the floor is one of Roco's masterpieces, so don't step on it!"
—Greetings voice clips





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