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Template:Infobox SingleHappy~ Effect! is an original song from THE IDOLM@STER LIVE THE@TER PERFORMANCE 10 sung by Miyao Miya.

Million Live includes a preview of the song in the music room in the menu of the game. The first one minute and thirty seconds of the song are available to listen to in the menu.


Does not work on iPad, or any medium that does not support the .ogg audio format.
No. Songs Duration Audio
07 Happy~ Effect! 00:00 [[File:]]

Lyrics Edit

Osanpo ni dekakemashita kyou mo watashi wa shiawase desu
SANDOITCHI tsukurimashita kouen no BENCHI de RANCHITAIMU

Sou yattereba,
Itsudatte tottemo heiwa nandesu yo~
Oishii mono o tabe nagara,
Nonbiri keshiki nagamemashou
Hora, mitekudasai

Hirahira tondetta choucho no
Habataki datte otenki yohou
Kirei na shunkan tsukamaeta! Haremasu yo
Chiisana kaze ni kizuita egao ga ippai ni hirogatte
Ashita mo zettai ni HAPPY DAY! ii hi desu~

Chabashira ga tattemashita kyou no watashi mo shiawase desu
Minna ni wakete ageta nara kitto minna mo shiawase desu

Sou yattereba,
Itsudatte sekai mo heiwa nandesu yo~
Oishii ocha o nomi nagara ryokou no keikaku tatemashou
Doko ikou kana?

Fuwafuwa mattetta watage wa
Kawaii tanpopo sakasechau
Dakara doko datte HAPPY PLACE! Ikitai na~

Hirahira tondetta choucho no
Okoshita chiisana kaze ni nori
Fuwafuwa mattetta watage, todokemashou
Yasashii kaze ga hakonda egao no tane ga hirogatte
Sekai wa zettai ni HAPPY DAY! Itsudatte!!

Shiawase osuso wake, tonari no SUMAIRU fuya shimashou~
Egao no BATON o minna de tsunagete,
Sekai o HAPPY ni shichaimashou~

お散歩に出かけました 今日も私は幸せです
サンドイッチつくりました 公園のベンチでランチタイム


あしたもぜったいにHAPPY DAY!いい日です〜

茶柱が立ってました 今日の私も幸せです
みんなにわけてあげたなら きっとみんなも幸せです


だからどこだってHAPPY PLACE!行きたいな〜

世界はぜったいにHAPPY DAY!いつだって!!


I set out on a stroll; I'm happy today too
Sitting on a park bench with my handmade sandwiches, it's lunchtime

That's right,
it's always really peaceful~
Let's eat tasty food,
and relax looking at the scenery
Hey, look

The fluttering butterflies
signal good weather to come
What a beautiful moment! It's clearing up
I realized the small wind is blowing, spreading lots of smiles
Tomorrow will definitely be a happy day! It's a great day~

This is a good sign; I'm happy today too
If I share it with everyone, I'm sure they can be happy too

That's right,
the world is always peaceful~
Let's drink tasty tea, and make travel plans
Where should we go?

With their fluffy tufts dancing,
cute dandelions are blooming
That's why I wanna go to any happy place~!

The fluttering butterflies
ride on a small gust of wind
Let's send out those fluffy tufts
Carried by a gentle wind, they'll spread seeds of smiles
The world will have a happy day! I'm sure of it!!

Let's spread our happiness, and make the people around us smile~
With everyone carrying a baton of smiles,
let's make the world happy~

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