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— Kinoshita Hinata, Online Profile

Kinoshita Hinata (木下ひなた?) is a new idol introduced in THE iDOLM@STER: Million Live!. She is voiced by Tamura Nao (田村奈央).


A girl who speaks in a northern dialect, Hinata is a calm idol who takes her job very seriously. She does not seem to resent being treated like a child, but instead uses this as an appeal point in her work. Being a vocal idol, she uses her singing voice to push her farther as an idol.

Though her specific birthplace still remains unknown, Hinata most likely comes from Hokkaido, which is a northern prefecture of Japan that is rather rural. This might be what shaped Hinata's personality-- she is kind, honest, simple, pure, innocent, and quite mature. She shows kindness to all and doesn’t mind if she's lost, as long as she can do her best and have fun with everyone. In short, she is a saint.

She seems to be able to accurately predict the weather and uses it to sway the Producer in their work. However, she tends to get lost in numerous situations, leading her to be anxious in certain settings.



  • Hinata is also one of the few idols that believes Chizuru's lies and calls her "Chizuru-ojousama". She is also the only idol that calls Momoko “senpai”. Hinata also calls Ami and Mami “master” and “teacher”.
  • Since Hinata might be from Hokkaido, she's still not used to the city life where thousand upon thousands of people cramp together in one area and seem to be in constant hurry. Also, the fact that the city has so many buildings makes her feel like if she ever gets lost among them, she couldn’t find a way out ever again, so she sometimes asks the Producer to hold her hand so that she won’t get lost.