Just watch me become a super awesome idol, you don't havta help so much, kay?
— Nakatani Iku, Online Profile

Nakatani Iku (中谷育?) is new idol introduced in THE iDOLM@STER: Million Live!. She is voiced by Harashima Akari (原嶋あかり).


The youngest of the MILLIONSTARS, don’t say that to her though, since Iku hates to be treated like a kid.

Iku is quite a precocious child; she is confident that she can do any work without any help from the Producer and she always wants to know the details of her lesson. She is still a child nonetheless, as she's happy when she does work she likes, cries when she's frustrated and becomes really happy when her mother praises her. A lot of her dialogue also shows that Iku is still very much childish, no matter how mature she tries to act.



  • Iku is a close friend to Suou Momoko. They often refer to each other in event’s dialogue and Momoko once stayed a night at Iku’s house to practice their roles in the “Idol high school” drama. She also gets along well with the other young idols.