Julia profile
Age 16
Birthday September 26
Gender Female
Height 157cm
Weight 43kg
Three Sizes 79-54-80
Blood Type O
Hobbies None
Skills Guitar
Likes Punk Rock




Character Voice(s)
Terakawa Aimi (寺川愛美)
Image Color
Julia Autograph

I may have come to this idol office by mistake, but I won't go only halfway. Nice to meet you!

—Julia, Online Profile

Julia (ジュリア) is a new idol introduced in THE iDOLM@STER: Million Live!. She is voiced by Terakawa Aimi.


As described in her introduction voice clip, Julia only became an idol by mistake. She was, instead, looking for a punk rock agency, but accidentally signed a contract with 765 Production's. However, despite the fact that she may not have aimed to become an idol at first, she is quick to point out that she will not only go halfway, and intends to use being an idol as a stepping stone into the world of punk rock. Still, she would like to become a rock star some day.

Julia really loves singing. She's always singing when she has free time and although she likes punk rock the most, Julia will sing any genre if asked, whether it be pop, rap, or even anime songs. She tends to lose herself in the music she listens to, making her oblivious to her surroundings.

Obviously, Julia is not her real name, and for some reason, Julia really doesn't want to tell anyone her real name. Although Ami and Mami call her Pu-chan, it’s not clear whether that is part of her real name, or whether it just comes from "punk rock".

Voice Clips

My pitch? It's not really different from normal...

...Huh? You want to know my real name soon? Well, that's a secret!

Is it alright if I play my guitar once in a while? Oh, next time, would you like me to teach you, Producer?

Fuwah... so sleepy... If I don't take a nap today, work's just going to feel like a bother.

Ah, today, I'll do my best in my own way! Producer, you too, use your full power today!

Okay, Producer! Let's work well today.

Producer, let's go to karaoke! ...Well, if you don't want to go, then we can do singing work today.

I'm surrounded by such foolish women. ...Hmm, you look tired too. You should take a vacation sometime.

--Greeting Voice Clips






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