Kikuchi Makoto
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Kikuchi Makoto profile |center|200px]]

Age 17
Birthday August 29
Height 159cm
Weight 44kg
Three Sizes 75-57-78
Blood Type O
Hobbies All Sports,
Character Voice(s)
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Kikuchi Makoto is is an idol from 765 Production. She is voiced by Hiromi Hirata (平田宏美).


Makoto Kikuchi is known as "The Pretty-boy Idol" who has more female fans than male ones, and is very popular at her all girls high school. She is an energetic and honest girl who wishes to make herself more feminine.

She is very confident in her dancing skills, and though being self-taught, she is known to be one of the best dancers in 765 Production. Makoto also loves to do sports, in fact before her idol debut she used to train at an Aikido dojo near her house.

Makoto's family consists of herself and both her parents. Her dad is a professional race car driver who wished to have a son, and has raised Makoto like a boy. This is the reason why Makoto is so boyish. After Makoto one day discussed with her dad how she wished to be more feminine, her dad came to the conclusion to make her an idol, and introduced Makoto to 765 Productions.

Makoto has short, black hair. She usually wears a red and grey tracksuit.

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