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— Baba Konomi, Online Profile

Baba Konomi (馬場このみ?) is an idol that debuted in THE iDOLM@STER: Million Live!. She is voiced by Takahashi Minami (高橋未奈美).


At 24 years old Konomi is is very self-conscious about her height and outward appearance. She always tried to prove to the Producer and her fans that she have an adult aura. Because of her short height and youthful looks, most people never take her seriously which always frustrates Konomi to no end. To make matters worse, most of the work the Producer finds for her is for kids.

Aside from her looks and her habit of saying that she is a sexy lady, Konomi is a very reliable adult, often seen taking care of the younger idols (which is everyone), like in the “Idol Symphony” event where Konomi gives advice to Momoko who has been appointed leader of the percussion team to talk with her teammates about what they want to do. She is also very professional and is willing to do her work to the best of her abilities even she doesn't like it. Konomi is also good at office work and offers to lend a hand when the production needs it.



  • While Baba is a genuine last name, it can also mean "old woman" in Japanese. Whether or not this was unintentional or a reference to her status as the oldest Million Live idol is unclear.
  • Konomi is close to Momose Rio who calls her “Konomi-neesan”. Also, Makoto seems to respect her as a master of cuteness and calls her “Master Konomi” although Azusa seems to think that Konomi is younger than her.
  • Konomi has a little sister who is growing normally, unlike her.