Makabe Mizuki
Makabe Mizuki profile
Age 17
Birthday January 27th
Gender Female
Height 160cm
Weight 43kg
Three Sizes 73-54-77
Blood Type B type
Handedness Right handed
Hometown Kanagawa
Hobbies Magic tricks
Skills Baton twirling
Likes Crossword puzzles
Character Voice(s)
Abe Rika (阿部里果)
Image Color
Mizuki Autograph

I've decided to aim for top idol. Are you serious too?

—Makabe Mizuki, Online Profile

Makabe Mizuki (真壁瑞希) is a new idol introduced in THE iDOLM@STER: Million Live!. She is voiced by Abe Rika (阿部里果).


Mizuki is a girl who rarely shows emotion on her face and she always wears a school uniform when she is not at work.

Although Mizuki rarely shows emotion, it doesn't mean that she's emotionless or a cold person. Mizuki has every emotion like other people do and she's definitely not a cold person; in fact, she actually has a kind heart. It’s just that she doesn't know how to express her emotions well, especially smiling, and Mizuki herself really wants to improve that.

Mizuki is also a well-mannered, very serious, and diligent girl, although her seriousness can be quite comical at times. She's also good at puzzles and poker, can do magic tricks, and is quite dexterous. Mizuki also enjoys deadpan humor. Like Akane, she has a mascot made in her likeness called “Little Mizuki”. Although, unlike Akane's mascot, which is only a doll, Little Mizuki has her own dialogue in card, but it’s not clear if this is just Mizuki doing Ventriloquism or if Little Mizuki is actually capable of speaking (whether by magic or technology).



  • Mizuki seems to still believe in Santa Claus.