Do you eat enough everyday? You gotta eat a lot to be healthy!
— Minako Satake, Online Character Profile

Satake Minako (佐竹美奈子?) is a new idol introduced in THE iDOLM@STER: Million Live!. She is voiced by Oozeki Eri (大関英里).


Minako is a normal, cheerful, and kindhearted girl who absolutely loves to take care of others. She is what most people/producers regard as perfect wife material. She's a great chef, since her home is a Chinese restaurant, and she can do all the housework. She is also quite open about her affection towards the Produce-- For example, she gave him the right to name their child as a Christmas gift. She speaks and acts like she and the producer have already planned to get married in the future. Coupled with the fact that she really loves to take care of those she likes, to say that it's her greatest joy in life might not be an exaggeration. Any man that marries her is pretty much guaranteed a happy married life…if he's fine with becoming fat, that is.

Minako prefers her men fat, really fat. Her reasoning is that a man must be strong to protect his family, and what kind of man is a strong man? A man with a large body! How can a man become large? By eating a lot of her food! Thus, she always plans to increase the Producer's weight for the sake of her future family's happiness by doing what she does best; cooking high calorie foods (especially Chinese food) in large quantities. In fact, she often cooks enough food to feed a dozen people in one meal! She also tries to make the Producer avoid any physical activities because if he exercises, the calories will burn away. Her love for fat men might be the reason why she is good at playing the Grappler-type style in fighting games.

All in all, apart from the fact that she loves to feed great quantities of high calories food to anyone she likes (whether it be the Producer or her fellow idols), she tries her best to turn the Producer into her ideal man so that her future family can prosper.



  • She has a little brother.
  • As depicted in some of her cards, she is afraid of the dark.
  • Just like Yokoyama Nao, she has a tendency to say “wasshoi” when happy or excited.
  • Minako's personality has made many fans regard Minako as one of the characters that is most likely to become a yandere (the other notable character is Tanaka Kotoha. Though Minako is more regarded as the type that will kidnap and imprison her love interest just to be the one that takes care of him, while Kotoha is regarded as the type that will commit suicide or homicide if the Producer loves someone else).