Minase Iori
Minase Iori profile
Age 14
Birthday May 5th
Gender Female
Height 153cm
Weight 40kg
Three Sizes 77-54-79
Blood Type AB type
Handedness Right handed
Hometown Tokyo
Hobbies Traveling abroad
Eating out
Skills Shopping
Likes 100% Orange Fruit Juice

Two older brothers


Takatsuki Yayoi (close friend)

Character Voice(s)
Kugimiya Rie (釘宮理恵)
Image Color
Iori Autograph

You must be really happy to be in the presence of Super Idol Minase Iori, huh? Nihihi♪

—Minase Iori, Online Profile

Minase Iori (水瀬伊織) is an idol from 765 Production. She is voiced by Kugimiya Rie (釘宮理恵).


Iori comes from a rich family and is the daughter of a corporate CEO who is also acquainted with 765 Production President, Junichirou Takagi. She is very polite and sweet towards people she doesn't know or doesn't really care about, especially towards her fans, but to other idols and especially towards the Producer, quick to judge people, and she has a very sharp tongue and a short temper. Because of this, Iori is known as "The little-devil idol". Despite this, Iori has a very soft side of her which she does not like to show because of embarrassment, though in some cases she will break down and act obedient, which makes her a tsundere type character.

Iori's family consists of both her parents and two older brothers, no information about her mother is ever mentioned anywhere in the game except for the fact that she has one. Though Producer never met Iori's father, she says that her father is a very scary person, even calling him a demon sometimes. Both of Iori's brothers are overseas, her second youngest brother in America as an exchange student, and her older brother is somewhere in Europe doing business.

Iori has long brown hair that extends past her shoulders all the down her back, and is kept off of her forehead by a pink headband bundled with a bow. She rarely lets her bangs down and chooses to expose her forehead, except on special occasions. She wears is a pink sleeveless shirt with ribbons tied to it on both sides. Iori also wears a white skirt with pink vertical lines that each have strawberries with a white fluffy decor on the bottom of her skirt and brown cowgirl-like shoes. She almost always has her stuffed bunny toy, affectionately named Usa-chan on her arm.



  • Iori and Hoshii Miki do not get along with each other. Miki calls Iori でこちゃん ("Deko-chan", "odeko" being Japanese for "forehead") due to her prominent forehead, and Iori calls Miki アンタ ("anta", a very rude way of addressing someone).
  • Iori is multilingual, speaking Chinese, French, German, Spanish, and fluent English in addition to Japanese.
  • Iori's bunny doll that she carries with her all the time is affectionately named "Usa-chan," who Iori named while she was a child, though at one point she tries to trick the Producer into thinking its name is actually Sebastian. In THE iDOLM@STER (anime), she states her bunny is named "Charles Donatello the 18th," however most consider Usa-chan the real name. As of THE iDOLM@STER 2, appearances of Usa-chan seem to have been significantly reduced.
  • When casual clothes are chosen as Iori's stage clothes, Usa-chan will be stuck to Iori's arm as though it were part of the costume.
  • Iori is handy with a couple of firearms. (Noted only in iDOLM@STER Drama CD series Stage 05.)
  • Always exposing her forehead, Iori never let her bangs down until the release of THE iDOLM@STER SP DLC Catalog 8 idol-drama, where she removes her ribbon in order to avoid being recognized by President Kuroi.
  • Iori is known to be terrible when it comes to cooking, but she somehow managed to make a delicious French meal for Producer.
  • Iori will almost listen to anything Ritsuko Akizuki says because of a memory when they first met in the productions of Ritsuko scolding, yelling, and punishing Iori to the point of her crying.
  • Iori and Yayoi are actually best friends, although it isn't explained how they became friends, or how they first met.
  • Iori's favorite beverage is 100% pure orange juice. In fact, her very first appearance in THE iDOLM@STER 2 has her ordering the Producer to fetch her some from a vending machine.
  • Iori is the favorite idol of Tekken series director HaradaP. This was acknowledged in a Million Live! card where she is dressed as Lili from the same series, with HaradaP cheering in the background.
  • According to one of her lines in Million Live!, Iori owns a dog named Jean Valjean.