Miyao Miya
Miyao Miya profile
Age 17
Birthday April 24th
Gender Female
Height 156cm
Weight 46kg
Three Sizes 84-58-83
Blood Type O type
Handedness Right handed
Hometown Tokyo
Hobbies Igo
Skills High vision
Likes Sandwiches




Character Voice(s)
Kiritani Choucho (桐谷蝶々)
Image Color
Miya Autograph

Are you aiming to be an idol too~? ...Oh, you're not~?

—Miyao Miya, Online Profile

Miyao Miya (宮尾美也) is a new idol introduced in THE iDOLM@STER: Million Live!. She is voiced by Kiritani Choucho (桐谷蝶々).


Miya is a somewhat air-headed girl with a positive attitude. She has a very easygoing, my-pace type personality and is always trying her best, though she can be a bit mischievous sometimes. She speaks politely and a bit slowly, with the latter being represented with tilde symbols (~) in almost all of her lines.



  • When Miya's idol profile first was released her hair and eye colors differed from other pictures. The illustration has since then been updated to match the other ones.
  • Sandwiches are her favorite food and she seems to be pretty good at making them. She likes to offer the Producer them to eat if she brings some to the office.
  • She's very popular with old men, especially those who are in the same Igo and Shogi club with her.
  • Fans like to call her Myaomya, which is basically slurring her name together.


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