Nikaido Chizuru
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Nikaido Chizuru profile |center|200px]]

Age 21
Birthday October 21
Height 165cm
Weight 50kg
Three Sizes 85-58-86
Blood Type B
Hobbies Checking clothing magazines at cafes
Likes The look of longing
Character Voice(s)
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Template:Q Nikaido Chizuru is new idol introduced in THE iDOLM@STER: Million Live!. She is voiced by Nomura Kanako (野村香菜子)


Chizuru is a 21-year old woman who likes to act like a celebrity, although she's not doing a good job at it. While Chizuru tries her best, she often slips and fails figuratively such as every time she tries laughing in a high pitch voice she ends up coughing, or when she speaks/acts in a non-celebrity-like manner, she then panics and makes bad excuses ("A crowded train is sure a pain… t…thats what I heard!"). Her goal as an idol is to become a top idol and then hold a lavish party at a karaoke bar in front of the train station. Needless to say, only the more innocent idols like Yayoi and Hinata actually believe that she is a celebrity.

Even though Chizuru likes to act like a celebrity, she's doesn't act haughty or act in a “holier than thou“ way. She's actually a generous person who's always kind to everyone and often looks after her fellow idols especially the younger ones. She often gives out high quality breaded cutlet from a restaurant near her house to the other idols. Chizuru is also very diligent, never missing out on a lesson and giving her best effort at work; even if it's only back-dancer work. She also always shows gratitude to everyone who helps her.

Voice ClipsEdit

"A good opportunity? I won't allow myself to bathe in glory without making an effort!"
"Good morning— ...*cough* How do you do, Producer?"
"I'll do my best for the sake of my promising future!"
"Won't you join me for some tea, Producer? The tea pack is over there."
—Greetings voice clips

"This work is definitely best suited for me!"
"T-today is a special case, so I'll hand it over to you... Be grateful!"
—Rival voice clips


Group Edit

Solo Edit


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