Alright, let's bust it open! Ack! I totally smashed it! Sorry, sorry!
— Fukuda Noriko, Online Profile

Fukuda Noriko (福田のり子?) is new idol introduced in THE iDOLM@STER: Million Live!. She is voiced by Hamasaki Nana (浜崎奈々).


An 18 year-old girl who loves martial arts, Noriko is an active and out-going girl. Though having a tomboyish hobby, Noriko actually wants to be more girly and wants to be a cute idol who is loved by everyone, but since she's not used to doing girly things, she often finds it challenging.

As written in her hobby, Noriko really likes fighting sports, especially pro wrestling. She knows many things about wrestling techniques, even doing one called 'The Cobra Twist' on the Producer. She is also capable of doing a microphone performance like an announcer. She often forgets about her surroundings when watching wrestling matches.



  • She owns a scooter, which she named “Krauser”.
  • When wearing her casual clothes, she wears a shirt with Mokujin from the Tekken fighting game franchise, also a Bandai Namco property. This might be a reference to her love of wrestling and MMA or perhaps to Tekken creator Katsuhiro Harada's love for the iDOLM@STER series.