Producer, you're a rookie? You seem to have a lot of energy~
— Kitakami Reika, Online Profile

Kitakami Reika (北上麗花?) is new idol introduced in THE iDOLM@STER: Million Live!. She is voiced by Hirayama Emi (平山笑美).


Her personality can only described as free-spirited and childish. She often comes up with weird ideas like giving the Producer a dried fish flavoured chocolate on Valentine's Day, because it's also Dried Fish Day in Japan. She praises the Producer in ways that are hard to take as compliments. For example, she called the Producer a normal person who looks a bit unreliable, but she truly meant it as compliment, since it makes her feel more comfortable around him. She often takes actions that surprise others, such as choosing a plastic trumpet as a Christmas gift for her parents, mistaking a deer for a bird, or using a dishwashing gel to clean the bathroom. Nevertheless, she always means well. In short, she's a kind-hearted person who loves to see people smile, but possesses a unique way of viewing the world that can be hard for others to understand.