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— Kitazawa Shiho, Online Profile

Kitazawa Shiho (北沢志保?) is a new idol introduced in THE iDOLM@STER: Million Live!. She is voiced by Amamiya Sora (雨宮天).


A lone wolf personality girls, Shiho is in many ways similar to Shizuka, from their cold and stoic looks, their harsh treatment towards the Producer, and even down to their family problems.

Yet, the two could be said to be polar opposites; since Shiho actually wants to work alone or at least doesn’t want to rely on others if she can help it. Early on, she sees the other girls as nothing more than rivals and thinks their making friends as foolish, often getting annoyed by silly idols like Akane and attempts to befriend her. However, she begins to defrost and view the other members of 765 Production as family after they treat her kindly. Despite clashing with Kana in the movie, the two are now very close.

Similar to Shizuka, Shiho's personality is most likely caused by family problems, but in her case it came from a lack of a fatherly presence since early childhood (While Shizuka's comes from having a protective and overly strict one). It’s unclear what happened to her father, but his absence forced Shiho to help her busy mother take care of her little brother, which made her used to doing things by herself. However, her mother isn't entirely absent; during the winter Caravan event, Shiho reveals that her mother has been sending her care packages full of things like scarves and medicine. It's more likely that her mom is just very busy.

Even though she acts like that she does have a sweet side, although she mostly shows it to her little brother. If the Producer manages to gain her trust, she’ll show a little of it to him too. A look at her hobby and her favorite thing suggests that she is still a child at heart. Her lack of a father figure present in her life made Shiho yearn for a substitute, which is reflected in her comment that she wants the Producer to act in a more daddy-like way like President Takagi.