Shine! Idol Rival Battle Arena (輝け!アイドルライバルバトルアレナ, kagayake! aidoru raibaru batoru arena), also known as Idol Arena, is the seventh event in Million Live. Themed with the idols putting on a show in a new, high-scale arena, it plays as a battle-based event that uses Arena Points to obtain a place in the rankings and grant rewards. This event uses randomly dropped Arena Tickets to obtain rarer festivals and higher amounts of Arena Points. Continuing the tradition since Showdown!! Idol Castle, Daily Missions return.

This event ran from 2013-05-23 to 2013-05-27.

Basic Event FlowEdit

For a full description of this event type, see Battle event.

Idol Arena plays as a festival event that uses BP to obtain Arena Points. Unlike other battle events, Idol Arena includes specific-only event BP, called Arena Battle Candy, that can be used to regain BP.

Unlike other events, the battles in Idol Arena operate in a specific order. Three regular festivals--in which the player faces opponents at level one at 500 HP only--are then followed by a rare festival that increases in level as the player obtains them. Rare festivals are an easy, quick way to obtain massive amounts of Arena Points. These rare festivals also have the chance of dropping an Arena Ticket, which grants access to the Arena for ten minutes.

When an Arena-specific rare festival is encountered, whether by a player or one of their coworkers, there will be a notification in the event Business area.

Arena AreaEdit

The Arena, obtainable only through Arena Tickets that allow access for ten minutes, gives the player two types of rare festivals--one, in which the player faces against Fresh Appeal - Nagayoshi Subaru, and another in which the player faces against Passion for Concerts - Julia. Julia festivals have more HP and have a random chance of dropping the SR card Twilight Interval - Kasuga Mirai for the MVP of the festival.

While in the Arena, regular Business area progress will also increase: the Arena plays as an overlay for regular Business areas with the chance to obtain rare festivals.

Daily MissionsEdit

Returning from past events, Daily Missions give additional rewards for obtaining a certain number of Arena Points per day. The rewards are as follows:


Rewards are given out to players upon completing event areas, when a certain number of Arena Points are obtained, and when the event is completed. Arena Points rewards are obtained immediately, whereas event completion prizes are given out when the event ends.

Completion RankingEdit

Minako SR1
Players who score within the top 1000, as well as certain "lucky" numbers (exactly 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, and 10000 in the rankings) will obtain the card Miracle Energy Live - Satake Minako. Other items given out include money, Gasha points and tickets, Skill Up Stage Advancing - Otonashi Kotori cards, Spark Drinks, and additional slots for the card holder.

Arena Point RewardsEdit

Among additional rewards, such as Arena Candy, Gasha Tickets, and Gasha Points, rewards are given for obtaining certain amounts of Arena Points:

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