Events in Million Live currently fall into one of two categories: Stamina events and battle events. Stamina events, as described by the title, are events where the major point gathering is during regular business gameplay, and is dependent on stamina to continue. There are two general types of stamina events: audition-style events and featuring-style events.

Two stamina events are rarely followed by each other; in general, the event style switches off between battle and stamina event.

The following events have been stamina-based audition-style events:

The following events have been stamina-based featuring-style events:

Please do not describe the basic gameplay of a stamina event on individual event pages. Link to the event type page instead.

Basic Event FlowEdit

Event flow in stamina events generally fall under one of two categories: audition-style events, where the major point gathering are through battles not unlike festival battles but do not consume BP, and featuring-style events, where the major point gathering are through special chance points called Idol Featuring.

In audition-style events, the player faces off against other Million Live players to obtain points. Players that win will obtain mass points; those that lose will receive 1/10th of the possible point gain from that battle. Event audition battles consume no additional stamina, unless the player chooses to use a fraction of their remaining stamina to attack at 1.8 their total AP+DP output to win over more powerful units. Typically, Otonashi Kotori will warn the player when they are about to attack a more powerful unit and should use additional stamina in order to win. The amount of event points that can be obtained from each audition battle is typically the current consumed amount of stamina x200--for example, if 13 stamina points are being used in the event area, a player can earn 2600 from the festival audition battles when not in bonus time.

In featuring-style events, the main point gathering is obtained through Idol Featuring. This event grants the player more points than a simple Idol Encounter and has other benefits, as well. Three idols will be presented on the screen, with a chance to pick between one of them. If the player picks the best choice (ベストチョイス!) idol, determined at random when the event is encountered, the player will obtain a great number of points. In addition, the idol that was the best choice gains 30 fans and 1 Affection Point. Any other idol picked will result in a good choice (グッドチョイス!), which will grant less points than a best choice, and will also give the idol 5 additional fans. The amount of points gained in an Idol Featuring is also determined by the amount of stamina used. For a best choice, the amount of event points given is the current stamina used multiplied by 500; for a good choice, the current stamina multiplied by 50. Using a Best Chocolate will grant a best choice regardless of the idol chosen.

Both audition-style and featuring-style events have a small chance for the player to obtain a special chance event called Idol Encounter, where the player can encounter up to three of the event's HN form idols to obtain smaller, short bursts of points. The amount of stamina currently being used for that area, multiplied by 30, and then multiplied by the number of idols in the Idol Encounter are the amount of points that the player will obtain. For example, if 6 stamina is being used in business, the player will obtain 450 School Points per idol.

Bonus TimeEdit

Granted as both a random event and through the use of Bonus Time clocks, Bonus Time doubles the number of event points obtained through business and audition battles. Bonus Time lasts for five minutes from the time the item is used or the event is obtained.

Spark ChanceEdit

Spark Chance occurs in all stamina-based events to net players more stamina. If the player encounters a Spark Chance, he or she can use My Spark Drink or Spark Drink items to gain additional stamina points that the player can use to overflow his or her energy pool. In addition, Spark Chances will also grant additional energy points according to the amount of Spark Drinks used.

  • 0 Spark Drinks = 20 extra stamina
  • 1 Spark Drink = 31 - 50 extra stamina
  • 2 Spark Drinks = 51 - 110 extra stamina
  • 3 Spark Drinks = 111 - 180 extra stamina
  • 4 Spark Drinks = 181 - 260 extra stamina
  • 5 Spark Drinks = 261 - 350 extra stamina

Only 5 Spark Drinks can be used at one time.


Rewards in stamina-based events are typically based both on clearing the different event areas and obtaining specified numbers of event points. Prizes can be obtained both from point totals and from halftime and completion ranking placements as well.

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