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THE IDOLM@STER MILLION LIVE! 4thLIVE TH@NK YOU for SMILE!! was a three days concert event that held on March 10th until 12th, 2017. The concert featured various voice actresses from the THE iDOLM@STER: Million Live! social game performing songs from the franchise. It took place in the Nippon Budokan.

The live concerts are divided into three different performances, with one show for each day. Each performance name is "Sunshine Theater", "BlueMoon Theater", and "Starlight Theater".

The concert was live-streamed to 55 cinemas across Japan, which is the largest as a live performance of Million Live.

Set ListEdit

Day 1 "Sunshine Theater"Edit

Held on March 10th 2017 (Friday)

  1. Thank You! (sung by: Sunshine Rhythm)
  2. Sun Rhythm Orchestra♪ (sung by: Sunshine Rhythm)
  3. Omajinai (sung by: Kido Ibuki)
  4. Happy Darling (sung by: Natsukawa Shiina)
  5. WHY? (sung by: Yamaguchi Rikako)
  6. Gekiteki! Muteki! Koi Shitai! (sung by: Leo)
  7. My Pace☆My Way (sung by: Hamasaki Nana)
  8. SUPER SIZE LOVE!! (sung by: Oozeki Eri)
  9. Koi no Lesson Shokyuuhen (sung by: Machico)
  10. Running・High (sung by: Cancer)
  11. Animal☆Station! (sung by: Harashima Akari)
  12. IMPRESSION→LOCOMOTION! (sung by: Nakamura Atsuki)
  13. Fantasista Carnival (sung by: Kakumoto Asuka)
  14. NO CURRY NO LIFE (sung by: Capricorn)
  15. Hohoemi Biyori (sung by: Kahara Yuu)
  16. Ringo no March (sung by: Tamura Nao)
  17. Happy☆Lucky☆Jet Machine (sung by: Watanabe Yui)
  18. Bonnes! Bonnes!! Vacances!!! (sung by: Libra)
  19. Souzou wa Hajimari no Kaze o Tsurete (sung by: Itou Miku, Koiwai Kotori, Asakura Momo, Nakamura Atsuki, and Murakawa Rie)
  20. Emergence Vibe (sung by: Kakumoto Asuka and Yamaguchi Rikako)
  21. fruity love (sung by: Nakamura Atsuki and Harashima Akari)
  22. Eternal Harmony (sung by: Oozeki Eri, Kahara Yuu, Kido Ibuki, Natsukawa Shiina)
  23. HOME, SWEET FRIENDSHIP (sung by: Tamura Nao, Hamasaki Nana, Machico, and Watanabe Yui)
  24. Growing Storm! (sung by: Otome Storm!)
  25. DIAMOND DAYS (sung by: Sunshine Rhythm)


  1. Dreaming! (sung by: Sunshine Rhythm)
  2. Thank You! (sung by: MILLIONSTARS)

Day 2 "BlueMoon Theater"Edit

Held on March 11th 2017 (Saturday)

  1. Thank You! (sung by: BlueMoon Harmony)
  2. brave HARMONY (sung by: BlueMoon Harmony)
  3. Koi no Neiro Line (sung by: Nomura Kanako)
  4. Yuukaze no Melody (sung by: Kondo Yui)
  5. Maria Trap (sung by: Koiwai Kotori)
  6. Raise the FLAG (sung by: Sagittarius)
  7. Day After “Yesterday” (sung by: Saitou Yuka)
  8. Toumei na Prologue (sung by: Itou Miku)
  9. Precious Grain (sung by: Tadokoro Azusa
  10. Machibouke no Lacrima (sung by: Aquarius)
  11. Frozen Word (sung by: Fujii Yukiyo
  12. Get My Shinin' (sung by: Toda Megumi)
  13. POKER POKER (sung by: Abe Rika)
  14. P.S I Love You (sung by: Pisces)
  15. Ryuuseigun (sung by: Aimi)
  16. Vivid color (sung by: Komagata Yuri)
  17. FIND YOUR WIND! (sung by: Hirayama Emi)
  18. Primula (sung by: Virgo)
  19. Akai Sekai ga Kieru Koro (sung by: Kido Ibuki, Oozeki Eri, Kondo Yui, Abe Rika, Hirayama Emi)
  20. Beat the World!! (sung by: Toda Megumi, Fujii Yukiyo)
  21. Marionette wa Nemuranai (sung by: Hirayama Emi and Aimi)
  22. Blue Symphony (sung by: Tadokoro Azusa, Abe Rika, Itou Miku, Kondo Yui)
  23. Hoshikuzu no Symphonia (sung by: BlueMoon Harmony)
  24. Flooding (sung by: Crescendo Blue)
  25. DIAMOND DAYS (sung by: BlueMoon Harmony)


  1. Dreaming! (sung by: BlueMoon Harmony)
  2. Thank You! (sung by: MILLIONSTARS)

Day 3 "Starlight Theater"Edit

Held on March 12th 2017 (Sunday)

  1. Thank You! (sung by: Starlight Melody)
  2. Starry Melody (sung by: Starlight Melody)
  3. Heart♡ Days Night☆ (sung by: Ogasawara Saki)
  4. Hop♪Step♪Rainbow (sung by: Inagawa Eri)
  5. Tokimeki no Onpu ni Natte (sung by: Asakura Momo)
  6. Refrain Kiss (sung by: Scorpio)
  7. Festa Illumination (sung by: Suwa Ayaka)
  8. Suteki na Kiseki (sung by: Yamazaki Haruka)
  9. Happy~ Effect! (sung by: Kiritani Choucho)
  10. Eien no Hana (sung by: Gemini)
  11. Decoration Dream~in'♪ (sung by: Watanabe Keiko)
  12. dear... (sung by: Takahashi Minami)
  13. Orange no Sora no Shita (sung by: Suegara Rie)
  14. Sweet Sweet Soul (sung by: Aries)
  15. Renai Roadrunner (sung by: Ueda Reina)
  16. Up!10sion♪Pleeeeeeeeease! (sung by: Murakawa Rie)
  17. Liar Rouge (sung by: Amamiya Sora)
  18. Memento? Moment♪Rururururu☆ (sung by: Taurus)
  19. Kyouki Ranbu (sung by: Aimi, Tamura Nao, Hamasaki Nana, Watanabe Keiko, and Inagawa Eri)
  20. Jungle☆Party (sung by: Inagawa Eri and Ogasawara Saki)
  21. little trip around the world (sung by: Asakura Momo and Watanabe Keiko)
  22. PRETTY DREAMER (sung by: Yamazaki Haruka, Suegara Rie, Takahashi Minami, Murakawa Rie)
  23. Hitomi no Naka no Sirius (sung by: Suwa Ayaka, Amamiya Sora, Ueda Reina, Kiritani Chouchou)
  24. Jireru Heart ni Hi o Tsukete (sung by: Burning Girls)
  25. Kimi to no Ashita o Negau Kara (sung by: Yamazaki Haruka, Tadokoro Azusa, Machico)
  26. Brand New Theater! (new song) (sung by: Starlight Melody)
  27. DIAMOND DAYS (sung by: Starlight Melody)


  1. Dreaming! (sung by: Starlight Melody)
  2. Thank You! (sung by: MILLIONSTARS)


This is a list of performers appeared in each day of live concerts

Day 1Edit

Sunshine RhythmEdit





Surprise GuestEdit

Part 1

Part 2

Day 2Edit

BlueMoon HarmonyEdit





Surprise GuestEdit

Part 1 (From LTA03)

Part 2 (From Crescendo Blue unit)

Day 3Edit

Starlight MelodyEdit

Surprise GuestEdit


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