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— Shijou Takane, Online Profile

Shijou Takane (四条貴音?) is an idol from 765 Production. She is voiced by Hara Yumi (原由実).


Takane is an elegant and majestic figure, she is known as "The Silver Queen" by her fans in the game, and also known as "The Vocal Master" of 961 Production, rivaling, and even supposedly surpassing Chihaya's ability. She comes from a very wealthy family, like Iori, and is assumed to be half European, most likely German. Takane is very polite to others, even her enemies, and hates being alone. She is also a very smart girl, almost comparable to Ritsuko.

Takane's birth parents are not in custody of her at the start of the game, and she has not had contact with them for some time. The Shijou family adopted her some time before the start of the game. She is appreciative of this, and by most accounts has a good relationship with her adoptive parents, though they placed odd restrictions on her at times (such as forbidding her from wearing traditional Japanese clothing despite frequently wearing it themselves).

Takane has a strong passion for music and stage shows. There are widespread rumors that Takane is from the moon, which are fed regularly by both the games and adaptations.

Takane has long silver hair that extends all down her back slightly down her waist, and she keeps it in place wearing a dark red headband, but unlike Iori, she lets her bangs down. She usually wears a purple shirt with carmine buttons and long sleeves, a short jacket of a darker tone and a long carmine skirt.

In Million Live, Takane calls the producer "anata-sama", an exceedingly high form of address that implies both respect and closeness.



  • Takane's favorite food is ramen, more specifically just the broth in the ramen, though her butler tells her to not drink the broth only due to bad manners.
  • Takane shares the same birthday as her voice actress.
  • Takane suffers from Ophidiophobia for unknown reasons.
  • According to the release of the 961 Production キャラ☆メル drama CD, Takane enjoys squishing meat buns. It took her a while to figure out that they are edible.
  • Takane loves to watch shows that are meant for children and toddlers, and she also loves to play with children.
  • According to one of her Million Live! character cards, Takane used to play the koto as a child.
  • According to her bio in THE iDOLM@STER MILLION LIVE! THEATER DAYS, her hometown is listed as Kyoto? (京都市?). Whether this is her real hometown or if this is a reference to the other idols guessing this is where she is from is unknown.
  • Mentioned in the games and manga series, Takane has an unnamed younger sister. In THE iDOLM@STER MILLION LIVE! THEATER DAYS it is stated that her sister lives very far away.
  • Because Takane appears and disappears in random places, she is known to be the tsukkomi (interfering) character of the series, often appearing out of nowhere to say something towards the person and just simply leave.