Tanaka Kotoha
Tanaka Kotoha profile
Age 18
Birthday October 5
Gender Female
Height 157cm
Weight 44kg
Three Sizes 79-55-78
Blood Type A
Hobbies Taking baths
Skills Fencing
Likes Ice cream




Character Voice(s)
Taneda Risa (種田梨沙)
Image Color
Kotoha Autograph

I may not have any talent as I am right now. But if I polish myself, then, surely...!

—Tanaka Kotoha, Online Profile

Tanaka Kotoha (田中琴葉) is a new idol introduced in THE iDOLM@STER: Million Live!. She is voiced by Taneda Risa.


Kotoha is a very diligent girl with a passion for acting, though she often gets lost in it when doing so. If one had to describe what Kotoha is like in three words, it would be “an honors student”; she's diligent, takes everything seriously, does all work to her absolute best, and she just seems to be perfect at everything. Yet, she actually has low self-confidence. She often says that she has no any real talents (except maybe acting), and she has a somewhat fragile mentality. This makes Kotoha easily pressured by her work and she accumulates a lot of emotional stress from time to time, to the point that she occasionally breaks into tears. For example, in the event “Idol Symphony”, where Kotoha had been made the leader of the wind instrument group, the responsibility and lack of self-confidence lead her to break into tears in front of Megumi, as she felt that Megumi was more suited to be leader than she was. Fortunately, in those times, her two best friends, Megumi and Elena (and of course, the Producer), are often there to comfort her.

However, work is not the only thing that gives her stress-- her feelings for the Producer also cause her a lot of stress. Because her lack of self-esteem, Kotoha is unable to confess her feelings, so she stresses herself out by trying to make herself look good in the Producer's eyes. This leads to many of her dialogues with the Producer sounding like she's going to break down in tears at any time. For example, in the Christmas event, when the Producer lent her his coat, she asked him whether he's only kind to her because she's an idol, and in the event “Idol Symphony” , when the Producer praised her and said that she's so good at her job that she’ll be fine even if he's not there, she became upset. She later confessed that she actually tried her best because she wanted the Producer to recognize and praise her, and he said that he needed Kotoha by his side. In conclusion, Kotoha is a diligent girl with confidence issues.

On her days off, she enjoys fencing, and seems to put all of her effort into it. Despite the fact that she has a mature air about her, one of her favorite things is ice cream.

Voice ClipsEdit

"Oh, I apologize, am I bothering you, studying here?"

"You're praising me for that...? But isn't it obvious that you shouldn't be late for work?"

"Yawn... Ah, excuse me. I'm just a little bit tired. Please forget about that just now."

"Producer, your teacup is empty. Shall I pour some more?"

"Producer, what circumstances made you want to be a producer? I'm a little curious."

"Today's such nice weather. I think I'll be able to work a little harder today."

"Please tell me the schedule for today. Whether its business or lessons, I'll be ready to go."

"Being an idol is rather difficult for me... Perhaps I should study more."

—Greetings voice clips





  • Kotoha along with Emily Stewart, Tokugawa Matsuri, and Toyokawa Fuka made a cameo at the end of THE IDOLM@STER MOVIE: Kagayaki no Mukougawa e!.
  • Kotoha is the leader of the drama club at her school.
  • Kotoha practiced fencing because she acted like a tomboy when she was younger.


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