Many cards and titles in Million Live are steeped in some sort of Japanese cultural reference. In the effort to not lose the connotations of certain words, this page is created for any time a translation needs a note to explain its significance.

Cards Names and Descriptions

Othello Over Flowers - Miyao Miya

The phrase in this title refers to the Japanese idiom 花より団子, hana yori dango, meaning literally "dango over flowers". The phrase refers to choosing the practical (dango, a type of Japanese dumpling) over the aesthetic.

Water Goddess's Ceremonial Bow - Emily

The word used in the title is 破魔弓, hamayumi, literally translating to either a ceremonial bow used to ward off evil or a toy bow and arrow. In this case the former seems more applicable, since the card was part of a magical transformation gasha.

June Bride - Akizuki Ritsuko

A common custom among Japanese couples is to get married in June. Tradition--although some believe that companies producing products specifically for weddings encouraged couples to marry in June because it was a low month--states that couples who marry in June will be eternally happy.

Events and Other

Civil War Idol Action Movie

The word for "civil war" in Japanese is 戦国, or Sengoku. If you know anything about Japanese history, you may know it as the Warring States Period, a time of social upheaval and military conquest.

Emily's Speech

As noted on her page, Emily Stewart's speech is very formal, outdated, and stilted. Her primary goal is to become an idol, which she calls a Yamato Nadeshiko, a traditional pinnacle of Japanese beauty. Her word for "producer" is the archaic 仕掛け人さま, shikakenin-sama, with -sama being a mark of extreme respect usually reserved for a lord or god.

Emily's hobbies also reflect her traditional view of Japan, including playing karuta, a traditional Japanese card game, and liking matcha, a type of Japanese green tea used for tea ceremonies.