Welcome! Idol School Heaven (ようこそ!アイドル学園天国, youkoso! aidoru gakuen tengoku), also known as Idol School, is the fourth event in The Idolm@ster Million Live. An event themed with the idols filming a drama at a high school, it was a purely stamina-based event with the use of School Points and event-specific chance events.

This event ran from 2013-04-14 to 2013-04-22.

Basic Event FlowEdit

For a full description of this event type, see Stamina event.

Idol School relies purely on the player's stamina to complete events and gain School Points. The major goal for the event is to finish the Business areas as they appear to gain area clear prizes. There are no battles in Idol School; instead, random chance events give the user School Points as well as Idol Featuring chances specific to this event.


Different rewards are given out to each player upon completion and upon obtaining different levels of School Points. School Point rewards are obtained immediately, whereas ranking rewards are given out when the event is completed.

Halftime RankingEdit

Players who score within the top 3000 during the Halftime Rankings will obtain the HR card School Idol - Tsubasa Ibuki. Depending on the placement in the rankings, the player can also receive Level Up - Otonashi Kotori cards, My Battle Candy (Mini), and Bonus Time clocks.

Completion RankingEdit

Makoto SR
Players who score within the top 1000, as well as certain "lucky" numbers (exactly 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, and 10000 in the rankings) will obtain the card Aiming for the Top - Kikuchi Makoto. Players who also score within the top 100 will receive another copy of the same card to easily awaken it to Top of the School - Kikuchi Makoto. Other items given out include money, Gasha points and tickets, Level Up - Otonashi Kotori cards, and Spark Drinks.

School Points RewardsEdit

Among other rewards, such as energy drinks and money, players who obtain 200000 School Points will be granted an additional event-only reward in the form of Absolute Queen - Kitazawa Shiho.

Area Clear RewardsEdit

Event-exclusive cards can be obtained by completing business areas and completing business battles.

Endless areas unlocked after completing the Auditorium Area (before the Rooftop's release) and the Rooftop areas will allow the player to obtain event-only HN cards Idol School - Mochizuki Anna, Idol School - Futami Ami, and Idol School - Tokoro Megumi.

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