Yokoyama Nao
Yokoyama Nao profile
Age 17
Birthday February 12
Gender Female
Height 159cm
Weight 46kg
Three Sizes 84-57-83
Blood Type O
Hobbies Hot springs tours
Skills Having lots of stamina
Likes Talking with friends




Character Voice(s)
Watanabe Yui (渡部優衣)
Image Color
Nao Autograph

Being an idol seems kinda fun, so I'm gonna do my best~!

—Yokoyama Nao, Online Profile

Yokoyama Nao (横山奈緒) is new idol introduced in THE iDOLM@STER: Million Live!. She is voiced by Watanabe Yui.


A cheerful and energetic girl from Osaka who speaks in Kansai dialect, Nao is what is considered to be a stereotypical Osakan person; like always keeping some candy for herself; though she not good with tsukomi in a boke & tsukomi routine. Nao is not a very bright girl, preferring to take action instead of thinking things over, and also has great confident in her own stamina.

She is very forgetful, it isn't unusual to see her losing microphone during a performance or a note on which she wrote the schedule and often forgetting that she has a lesson, and sometimes forgets even what she just said a few minutes ago.

Nao is also a harapeko (a character who can eat a lot and eat often, like Takane), evident by the fact that she wears a shirt that has harapeko written on it and a few of her cards depict her eating something, and she also often complains that she's hungry.

Voice Clips

"Ummm, where did I put that paper that I wrote the schedule on... Hey, Producer, do you have an idea where it is?"

"My mom said the other day that not having a Tokyo dialect might not work well with being an idol, but I'm sure it'll work out."

"I'm so hungry~ I really wanna eat something tasty!"

"Hey hey, before I go back home for the day I want to do more stuff, so give me another lesson!"

"I totally forgot to make my perfect lesson this morning! There's still time though, so I'm gonna dash there!"

"I'm gonna give everything I'm not so good at a try for the time being."

"Tokyo may be a nice city, but to be honest, I think Osaka's nicer."

"I'm in pretty bad shape in the morning, huh... Someone, give me a wake up call in the morning~."

"It's totally a mistake to say that Osakan people are foolish! You don't think that when you look at me, do you?"

—Greetings voice clips





  • According to a tweet from her seiyuu, Nao's image color is periwinkle or light blue.
  • She has an older brother who is a soccer athlete, as revealed in the soccer event when she asks for some advice from said brother. Unfortunately, in that event, she ends up playing the goalkeeper, rendering his advice useless.
  • She's nicknamed “Naonao” by fans.
  • She's not good at waking up early and wishes that "someone" would give her a morning call.

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